The Best Sydney Rub and Tugs in 2016

Looking for a rub and tug in Sydney tonight? Finished work and desperate for some sensual relaxation and an intense release?

Good news — we’ve rounded up some of the best rub and tug parlours for your enjoyment.

Hold on, what’s a rub and tug?

To those not familiar with the massage parlour lingo, a rub and tug is — as it implies — a body rub, followed by a ‘tug’, aka a handjob.

Naturally, the woman administering these comforts is likely to be invested in your satisfaction, and probably pretty good looking (unless you’ve chosen a cheaper parlour out of town!).

Men opt for the rub and tug as a slightly less ‘formal’ casual encounter than what you will find in one of Sydney’s brothels, where you’re pretty much nailing your flag to the mast from the moment you walk in.

Sydney Rub and Tug

Looking for a rub and tug release?

The Hottest Body Rubs in Sydney

Are you looking for high end luxury or something quick, pleasurable and discreet?

The truth is that prices vary dramatically across Sydney depending on whether your preference is for a quickie or a luxurious experience with one of the hottest escorts in towns (yes, many of them are good with their hands too!).

Minimum prices for a rub and tug is around $35, but can go up to over $250 with the erotic ‘spa’ themed parlours.

There are certainly some luxury body rubs to be had in this city.

Let’s start with the most famous of them:

Sirs, The Corporate Touch

80 Erskine Street Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9299 7771

Sirs is strictly high-end rub and tugs. Anywhere that includes a spa treatment is probably not the sort of place you drop by if you’re in a hurry! These women are captivating, stunning and from all over the world — including as far as Brazil.

View the Sirs website.

What they say:

Sirs, the corporate touch invites you to experience an oasis in the heart of Sydney CBD. We are open for your pleasure 7 days a week.

It is a place where you can escape the stress of daily life and business and enjoy your senses to feel fresh again. We can assure, you will feel your problems fading away and your body filling with positive energy!

We set the standard in sensual body to body massage, with front and back body slides. It is a very sensual, erotic and relaxing experience.

The Bellevue

140 Bellevue Parade Carlton NSW 2218
Phone: 02 9547 0999

The Bellevue is what you might call a five star rub and tug paradise. The body sliding that goes on in here, and the calibre of women, is likely to bring a very happy ending to even the most traumatic of work days.

It is a 20 minute drive from the Sydney CBD, and it is not cheap. Most sessions are going to set you back upwards of $200.

View the Bellevue website.

What they say:

We are renowned for offering the very best Adult Massage with Erotic Pleasures. Specialising in the fine art of adult nude body-to-body massage. Our large selection of attractive young ladies love to pamper pleasure and please you, and are waiting now to satisfy your every desire. Additional adult massage and services are available on request, please discuss this with The Bellevue lady of your choice in the discretion of your private suite.

Sounds great… but what if we’re looking for something a little simpler and cheaper?

Sydney has a ton of erotic massage parlours, and not all of them are a dent to the wallet.

382 Chicago Massage

Address: Level 1/382 Pitt St NSW 2010
Phone: 0449 797 111 or 0406 991 111

382 Chicago makes for a great pitstop in the Sydney CBD. This parlour has mostly Asian girls who have a variety of services at their disposal. The price list is very reasonable, with a 30 minute full body rub (oil massage) costing just $40, or $65 for an hour.

View the 382 Chicago website.

What they say:

We offer Sensual, Full Body, Remedial and Swedish massage. Every day, we have 7-12 selected sexy elegant Asian girls dress in sexy uniforms to offer their services, you will never get bored. Their magic hands will remove your stress. Relieve the stress and tension and then enjoy with our services. Each one of our masseuses is specifically trained in how to give an amazing massage, so we are sure that you will love it. We use clean towels, and a range of male toiletries.

Summerville Massage

Phone: 02 7901 3184 / 0450 865 833
Address: 169 Harris St, Pyrmont
Rear door: Little Mount Street

Summerville is only a short stroll from the CBD and it is another popular choice for quick and easy rub ‘n tugs. The prices start at $40 for 30 minutes, up to $100 for a marathon 90 minute session.

There’s also the option for a double masseuse session, which will set you back $100 for an hour, (but will presumably leave you feeling pretty loose!). Small comfortable rooms available here.

What they say:

We have 6-8 masseuses every day providing remedied massage, relaxation massage, full body oil massage and Thai massage. Our rooms are clean and air-conditioning. For each we provide new disposable sheets and hot towels. Shower room is available. We also have customer lounge with complimentary tea and coffee

Central Massage

316 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills (near the Dental Hospital)
Phone: 02 9211 4107

The CBD 378 Massage Centre is smack down in the heart of the CBD, perfectly positioned for you to slip in after work and enjoy the rub and tug comforts of one of their young (likely foreign) masseuses.

The parlour claims to offer several European girls, but from what we see of the roster, it is mostly made up of Asian women. Prices start at $40 for 30 minutes for the remedial massage, slightly extra for the hot stone treatment.

View the Central Station Massage website.

What they say:

Chic and immaculate, many of our young massage therapists are uni students and European travellers, they are professionally trained, skillful, very friendly and well spoken, specialising in remedial and relaxation style massages.

The parlours above are some of the most popular choices for a body rub in Sydney, but they are by no means the only choices.

For complete listings of the best erotic massages in town, check out our adult massages in Sydney page. This has just been updated with some of 2016’s hottest new openings.

We hope you like what you find!

Finding Sex on Sydney Backpage, Craigslist and Gumtree

Many men enjoy the challenge of sifting through adverts on Sydney’s top classified sites in an ambitious attempt to get laid.

Australia has three personals sites that are ripe for chasing sex.

All three of these sites have adult personals sections where Sydney users can take a punt on whether the girl behind the text is actually a normal woman keen on meeting for sex (unlikely), or a sex worker in disguise (very likely), or simply a scammer looking to rob you (possible).

First, here’s a breakdown of the different sections offered by each site:

Sydney Backpage, Gumtree and Craigslist

The Unknown: Finding sex on Sydney Backpage, Craigslist and Gumtree

Sex on Sydney Craigslist

Craigslist is the world’s oldest and arguably most successful classifieds site.

It has a huge array of ads for everything from jobs, to used cars, to accommodations, to blowjobs in the back of a car park.

Chances are, if you’re reading this article, the latter sounds more enticing than a new set of wheels.

In which case, you’ll be interested in this section:

Sydney Casual Encounters: This is the home of Craigslist’s Sydney adult personals, and trust us, it can get pretty damn busy (and confusing).

The section is broken in to various categories that define what exactly you are looking for.

For example:

  • w4m – Woman seeking man
  • m4m – Man seeking man
  • m4w – Man seeking woman
  • w4w – Woman seeking woman
  • t4m – Trans seeking man
  • m4t – Man seeking trans
  • t4w – Trans seeking woman
  • w4t – Woman seeking trans
  • t4t – Trans seeking trans

The fun doesn’t end there.

Craigslist Sydney also serves up personals for couples seeking a woman, man or trans, as well as single men/women/trans seeking couples (of various mixes).

The selection is mindboggling, but needless to say, the listings are dominated by two categories:

Men seeking women, and women seeking men.

Sex on Sydney Gumtree

Gumtree is another popular classifieds site that is well-known to most readers.

It is most often used to sell second hand goods. The cars and used vehicle sections are brimming with activity.

But is Gumtree a good way to get laid in Sydney?

Compared to Craigslist and Backpage, our answer, regrettably… is no.

Gumtree doesn’t offer adult personals outside of its in-house ‘dating portal’, which is Even here, the adult listings are buried under ‘casual dating’, where you are likely to confuse women seeking sex with those who want to be wined and dined but ‘nothing serious’ — and certainly nothing sexual!

We occasionally see escorts slipping their ads in to the Services For Hire section, but we’d question why you’d go here when you can use a proper escort agency, or somewhere like Craigslist which is to-the-point in filtering what you want.

Sex on Sydney Backpage

Finally, we have Backpage.

And what a sordid little haven Backpage can be.

Here you’ll find the good, the bad, and the downright ugly of Sydney personals.

First, we should be clear, there are two distinct sections that you shouldn’t confuse:

Backpage Dating vs. Backpage Adult Services

Come on, guys. Don’t be hounding women in the wrong bloody section.

Sydney’s Backpage highlights include:

Backpage is a breeding ground of dubious intentions.

Most of the women on here are not interested in no-strings sex; while those that are might be upfront about charging as a sex service, they might also turn up with their pimp and expect to be paid for services that you haven’t agreed to.

The same can be said of any classifieds site that offers adult listings, but Backpage seems to have a higher ratio of scammers and pimps than you’d find in the corresponding section on Craigslist.

Backpage, to their credit, do their best to weed out the bad apples — but it’s a losing battle.

And a lot of men simply aren’t going to report that they’ve just been duped in ways that would make Catfish blush.

How to Use Sydney Personals (and Stay Safe!)

Our advice for using the three mega classified sites — Craigslist, Gumtree and Backpage — is quite simply:

Do your research before you agree to meet anybody you find on there.

The most obvious sign that you’re walking in to trouble is that the person you’re talking to doesn’t have a screening process.

What is a screening process?

Simply put, it is an individual’s attempt at self-preservation.

Most escorts have a strict screening process where they collect some basic details about you, then apply their due-diligence, and make a decision on whether you are who you say you are.

In an age of webcams, SnapChats, Facebook profiles and instant identity checks, this is pretty much common sense. An escort will screen you before she agrees to meet you.

If she doesn’t have a screening process, be worried.

This suggests that there is an ulterior motive, or a pimp, or the sucker is you.

But what about ordinary women interested in no strings sex?

We’ll be honest with you…

Your alarm bells should be ringing by default if you see a ‘normal’ woman seeking out sex on these sites.

It is extremely rare to find normal ordinary women cruising sites like Backpage and Craigslist for cheap sex. This is because, as we all know, it is infinitely easier for a woman to get laid if she decides that she isn’t feeling picky.

Sorry guys, but demand far outweighs the supply.

Whatever the case, a lack of screening process is even more of a red flag in the rare cases that you find yourself talking to a normal Aussie girl who fancies a quick shag in the Sydney region.

Moral of the story?

If it sounds too good to be true…

Put it back in your trousers and keep looking.

Note: For men who are happy to pay for sex, we’ve got a huge list of the best Sydney brothels in 2016.

We’ve never understood why men who are expecting to pay would roll the dice of chasing sex on Craigslist or Backpage. When you could go somewhere licensed and safe, where the women are stunning and will line up to meet you. Makes so much more sense.