Revealed: What Women Secretly Desire In Bed

What Women Desire In Bed

Aside from cliched romantic dates, bouquet of flowers and chocolate boxes, women also have their own share of desires and fantasies. It’s not only men who has wild imaginations and kinky thoughts that would want to be realized in bed, you know.

As of course part of a woman’s nature, they would prefer not to pressure you to reveal more than was prudent into their undies. All they want is for you to have the initiative to ignite the nasty play time! Below are shortlisted tips that are surely helpful for guys if you were long ago trying to make sense of what really women want in bed. Enjoy!

Let Her Be Your Queen

Just like any royalty, make your bed time story all about her! Likewise most men do, women also want to be served and to be treated like a queen where all their desires are followed and that all the sensations are given to them passionately.  That makes them feel special and longed for.  Once in a while, give her a chance to take control!

Stimulate Her Mind

There would always have a thin line between what a man and a woman anticipates. For most men, the electrifying feeling of warm touches and rubs will surely ignite them. However, for most women, nothing is more stirring that arousing them from the inside – their thoughts! Make her imagine the thrill and the sensations you could give her on bed.

Have The Initiative

A number of women say that they hate being asked what to do in bed. Letting her take control doesn’t mean, you guys must not take the first step. Of course when you initiate it, women would see you as confident and real sexy. That would surely make her more aroused and excited. A very important thing to note on having the initiative – don’t ever let her ask you to go all the way down! Just do it! Women definitely love that!

Kiss Passionately

Sex whether it’s wild, great, consuming or however you define it wouldn’t be called so if not involved of a passionate kiss. Women love kissing, kissing a lot and kissing a lot passionately. It’s all where big ‘O’ comes from! It will drive her crazy and especially when you bathe her neck, napes, back and all over the body!

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