4 Sex Tips to Spice Up the Bedroom

Could your sex life do with a little extra spice?

4 Sex Tips for the Bedroom

4 Sex Tips for the Bedroom

Every once in a while, couples need to put a little something back in to the bedroom. You have to make an effort to keep the sizzle. So I am going to give you a few tips that can help add that spice.

I’ve used each of these tips to add more thrills to my bedroom.

I hope you enjoy them too…

Turn Fantasy In Into Reality: Try a little roleplay. Discuss it with your partner and act it out. Maybe you’ve been hot for a little authority roleplay? Have your partner dress up as a hot schoolteacher, or a seductive student. Maybe you want that naughty nurse to take your temperature while your hands wander? The bedroom is the one place you can be yourself and play it up.

(I don’t recommend letting your hands roam in a real-life medical facility!)

Add A Little Food And Drink: Nothing goes with chocolate covered strawberries and whip cream like champagne. Enjoy some edibles with your sex play. They say food makes a sexual experience more erotic. Open a buffet on your partner’s body.

Adding Props: Believe it or not, simple additions like a swivel chair can spruce things up. I have used it with clients. I love sitting on his lap riding and turning round for the full view. I actually had a stripper pole set up in bedroom. It was fun… until a rather unfortunate accident. Don’t be a prude. Give it a go!

Oral Delight: Eat a little cinnamon, mint or pineapple before fun time. It will make your spunk taste great. Your lady will be more eager to swallow it. In return have your girl swallow a little mint and it will feel amazing on your penis. There is nothing like a minty cool mouth on your penis. And if you can talk your lady into using a little throat spray you can get your version of a minty deep throat. Throat sprays numb the back of the throat so you can take more cock. It’s a very useful technique, ladies!

So, you have some pointers.

Discuss them with your partner and add a few in to the next session. The great thing about these tips is you can mix and match. You can include more than one in a session. It can make for an explosively good time for all parties. Enjoy!

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