5 Things You Should Know Before Hiring an Escort

You’ve got your appointment, you’re feeling excited, and you’re ready to go have fun with a beautiful lady.

If you want an enjoyable session, here are 5 things she expects you to know.

Ignore at your peril!

#1. Refrain From Asking For Freebies Or Samples

For starters, it’s rude. You should never ask a provider for freebies or samples. If a guy asks me for a sample, I urge him to walk in to any restaurant and ask for a free meal. If he gets one then maybe I’ll reconsider where I stand. Gentlemen! This is how we pay our bills and take care of our selves. Please respect that.

#2. One on One Unless Otherwise Discussed…

Unbelievably, some guys have the nerve to bring their ‘wingman’ along to an appointment. Why? Come on guys, you are going to score. Why are you bringing your pal?

If you are expecting an impromptu gangbang, it’s not going to happen.

This is not cool in any way, shape or form. You do not show up at provider’s place with your buddy. You do not have your buddy over when you have an outcall girl coming over. You do not do this unless already discussed with your escort. We have the right to leave immediately if something of this nature goes down.

#3. Money Is The Root Of All Evil

If your escort asks you for extra money, you say no. I do not care if she is your ATF (all time favorite), don’t do it. There is a relationship in place between the two of you: a client/escort relationship. It is a business transaction. Loaning money opens you up to a personal connection.

Men *normally* use escorts to reap the benefits of a deep connection without the actual pain in the ass of having and nurturing that connection. Turning yourself in to ‘The Bank’ ruins that unspoken law.

#4. Rules of Cancellation

Sometimes, shit happens and you can’t make an appointment. Be courteous if you have to cancel, and do not wait until the last possible minute. It is a sign of disrespect. You could have potentially cost her money by taking a slot she could have filled. We have all the same daily activities you do, like grocery shopping, going to the gym or hanging out with friends. Be respectful of her time as you expect people to be of yours.

#5. Pushing Boundaries

When seeing an escort, it’s best to learn her boundaries straight away. If you are aware of these boundaries, don’t try to push pass them. Abide by her rules or risk her terminating the session and losing money. Boundaries are in place for a reason. It’s not for you or anyone else to question them.

If you want an enjoyable session, these are sure ways to not get one.

Escorts are women with feelings and emotions, just like any other woman. So treat us with the same courtesy and respect you treat every other woman in your life. When you do things that make us feel our safety is threatened, we will terminate the meet.

There are blackboards and blacklists, and you do not want your name ending up on those. Follow the rules and have a great time!

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