Anal Sex Tips: How to Enjoy Your Trip to Greece

A trip to Greece or Greek in the escort community is a term used to describe anal.

I remember my first trip to Greece. A gentleman taught me how to speak Greek fluently before taking my trip. He made my trip so memorable I had to tell you so you can go forth and enjoy the same exotic pleasures I did.

I know it is male tradition to stuff holes and go for it. But it can be a smoother and gentler flight if you take time and preparation.

The gentleman who whisked me off to Greece and gave me my Greek lessons started with grooming me personally. I was a little shy and embarrassed but it was nice. He showered and bathed me himself. When he took me to bed, he made sure I was primed and ready. We started with foreplay. We did that for quite a while before he bent me over me on all fours.

Once he did a little tongue play. He proceeded to use his thumb. He didn’t ram it. He talked me into it. He gave me Greek lessons, which were basically anal affirmations so to speak. At some point my hanger began to open and take his thumb with no problem. Finally we were ready to take flight. His jet was fueled and covered for safety purposes.

Note: We used KY Jelly for easier runway take off!

His jet slowly entered me. I started to tense up, at this point he started to give me anal affirmations again, which relaxed me. He was able to get all the way in without a full thrust. Once he got in and got me to relax. I had the most amazing experience. He allowed me to guide how fast and hard he could push. I never thought in a million years I could enjoy such a thing so much, let alone have an orgasm from it. It can be done and be enjoyable for both parties.

So what can you do to make your provider’s trip to Greece an orgasmic experience?

  1. Shower with her! It’s nice way to chitchat and get to know each other. Getting to know someone is a good way to break the ice before the trip to Greece. You can learn just how fluently each other speak the language.

  2. Relax her with a little foreplay after your bath or shower.

  3. Once you get her good and relaxed you can use your fingers to open the hangar doors.

  4. Take your time. Don’t rush!

  5. When your jet is ready don’t just poke it in, or your jet may come back with mud on its flap. Not Good! Shit Happens! To prevent such catastrophe put the nose of your jet on her hangar door. I promise if you are gentle it will open on its own. And you can guide your jet in slowly

  6. When thrusting watch her expressions depending on your position. You will know if you are hurting her by her facial expression. If you’re not that bright use a safe word. And if she gives any indication she is hurting stop, don’t pull out just stop. Allow her muscles to relax around your jet.

  7. Anal affirmation work. Tell her she is doing well. Tell her how good she is making you feel. Rub, kiss, touch and do anything that will reassure her.

  8. Allow her to choose the timing of how fast and how hard. It will make for a more pleasurable experience for both.

I know this may seem like a silly article. But I believe the directions above are the best way to take a trip to Greece, and if done properly you will learn to speak Greek fluently. In no time at all!

Trust me it is a lot more fun when both people enjoy it.

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