Get Your Money’s Worth: How to Control Premature Ejaculation

You are with your companion, having a wonderfully great time, when all of a sudden…

Uh oh, not yet… Can’t control it…

How to Control Premature Ejaculation

How to Control Premature Ejaculation?

It happens.

You ejaculate.

You look over at the clock and it’s only been 15 minutes.

Requesting a refund for the unused time is out of the question (and if you considered it, slap yourself right now!). It really isn’t the provider’s fault you blasted it off too soon. So how can you control ejaculating when visiting one of Sydney’s sexy ladies?

There are certainly things that can help control premature ejaculation.

I have been in the business long enough to see the signs. One thing I find is that certain positions are more conducive to an early lift-off.

Guys tend to get in positions where they become so aroused they can’t control it. Don’t let it happen.

Know your positions.

Opt for a position where you know it may take you a bit longer to get off (and then switch to your favourite if the clock is ticking!).

Try using grind style positions like missionary (her legs down) or cow girl. Do not start with doggie. Doggie is a sure-fire way to shoot. I know this because I use this technique when I start getting tired or we’ve gone way to far over time. Once my ass is in the air and their dick is thrusting it is a matter of seconds most times.

I know it’s hard to resists the temptation but take your time. Allow yourself a longer foreplay session. There are many others things you can do besides intercourse. Do not let it get out of control too quickly. Take the time to focus on your partner and giving them pleasure. It will help take your mind off your own. When intercourse is initiated go slowly so you can get used to the stimulation. After a few minutes you should be better poised to control the urge to cum.

It’s that two minute hurdle.

Now if you want a quick fix, you can run to an adult toy store and grab numbing gel.

It may work but be careful to not use too much and risk losing the erection all together. Another tactic is holding. Sometimes I have to do it for the guy if I want any chance of getting off too.

When I see the O face I clench down and hold them in place. It gives the penis a little time to calm down. Some guys have this mastered. They either pull completely out or stop in mid stroke to regain their composure.

It’s not hard to master. It’s mind over matter. Take your time; don’t rush. I see guys do it all the time.

They rip their clothes off and get so worked up, it’s over before it even starts. Oh, one other thing most providers detest. I do as well I but I am sure it works. Before you come over to meet with your companion: jerk off. And if you’re super sensitive do it twice. Do note this can and and sometimes does backfire. Yep, it’s possible you can’t cum with your companion if you’ve already been to orgasm twice in the time she spent in the taxi. Or it will be very difficult, which makes things uncomfortable for both of you…

Well I hope these little tips help.

Here’s to staying Long and Strong in your next session!

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