Going to a Brothel For The First Time

Are you planning your first time in a brothel? Are you wondering how do brothels work? If it is a new experience, you will probably be nervous and a little anxious — understandably so!

Here’s a small etiquette guide for any first timer going to a brothel.

Each brothel has their own way of doing things, but for the most part they operate under the same premise…

Sydney Brothel

First time in a Sydney Brothel? Read on…

Initial Entry:

  • You may go through some security. Some places may be more relaxed so you may be able to walk in unbadgered, but don’t be surprised if this happens.

  • You may have a security checkpoint. A guard will pat you down, and he may ask you to leave any weapons, cell phones etc.

  • At this point you are free to do as will. You can have a drink or you can see about getting a line up of the lovely ladies who are available at that time.

The Lineup:

  • The person in charge at the time will arrange the line up. All available women will come forward and stand in a line.

  • They will introduce themselves one by one. They will say nothing more than their name.

  • Now you can pick a girl right then and there or if you need to put some thought into it you could go have a drink. Give yourself a little time to think on it.

  • If you made your choice right then and there, the girl of your choice will take you on a tour. So you can see the rooms and get a look around. She may take you back to her room where negotiations will commence.

  • If you didn’t pick right away, then you have entered into open season territory. Open season means that the girls can speak with you freely.

  • Most brothels do not allow negotiations on the main floor. The girl must take you to her room.


The girl will discuss with you whatever it is you are into. What is your budget? How long of a session? And what type of session? Be aware most brothels have a house minimum spend. You should be very honest about what you want. A surprise could end up getting you kicked out and losing money. So you need to talk up, be honest.

Trust me there aren’t too many things the ladies haven’t heard at least once (or twice, or thrice). Once decisions have been made the lady will take your cash and credit card and hold it until after the DC. Should you not pass the DC they will return your money.


If you are asking yourself what a DC is, you can stop now. DC stands for Dick Check. The dick check is medical and can be arousing at the same time. They would be looking for scabs, sores, herpes, warts, anything gross in the area. When they determine everything is good, they may rub with baby wipes so you smell fresh and clean.

Now you go and sign some papers with your lady. Finish the transaction with the cashier and it is playtime.


While you are back with your lady you need to be polite and respectful. I am not saying be a boy scout but treat her nice. Have a great time. When your time is up you will be notified. You will get dressed and your escort will escort you out.

And this would conclude your night at the brothel.

It’s really simple. Just go in and be yourself. Find yourself a pretty lady and have a great time.

Sometime people wonder why one would choose a brothel full of girls selling their goodies, rather than go to a dusty bar and pick up some chick and get it for free. Okay guys, listen up! I will tell you. First off all the girls within a brothel are tested before ever being let into a line up. They are tested regularly. The girls are disease free. Can you say that about the drunken women in a bar?

Next, you cannot guarantee you will meet a beauty at a bar. Brothels handpick girls based on looks and personality. Or you could go on a date and shell out 200 and not get any. I think you are feeling what I am saying.

So, first timer, if you want a good time with no drama and no strings, a brothel is a good place to start. Check out our collection of Sydney’s finest brothels, and have fun!

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