Hiring an Escort: Incall vs. Outcall

So you are making an appointment with an independent escort.

At some point you will want to decide if you are seeking an incall or outcall service.

Incall vs Outcall Escorts

Incall vs. Outcall Escorts

Usually gentlemen seeking incall live in or around the area. Gentlemen seeking outcalls are usually travellers. They may not know the area so well. I will be giving you a run down of the choices for when your appointment day arrives.

Independents, and some agencies, offer both incall and outcall services.

Incall Service:

An incall is a place where escorts see clients.

An incall location could be a hotel, or a studio the escort rents, or it could even be her home. Any of these could be incall locations.

Lots of girls use hotels because they do not feel comfortable having a guy in their personal space. Understandable, right? Not everybody wants to bring their work home, especially in this industry…

When booking your appointment, it is important to find out what type of location the incall is: hotel, home or apartment. Then you will ask if it is in a good neighborhood. Incall requires a great deal of trust. Now if you book early she may give you a general idea of where she is located, but most escorts – for privacy and safety purposes – do not give their actual location until the day of appointment.

When dealing with an escort hosting in a hotel, you should Google the hotel and see if it’s nice, clean and in a good area. If they are in a seedy location, tread carefully. If you go to an escort’s personal residence, stay aware of your surroundings. If it’s a not-so-good area, be careful.

DO NOT take your wallet or anything of value inside. Leave it in your car. Only take the donation and nothing else. If you get a bad gut feeling, heed it and leave.

Now when you are inside your provider’s incall, look around. Make sure there is no sign of anyone else. Take care of your safety but also try to respect her privacy. Do not snoop through her stuff. It’s important you both feel safe and comfortable with each other.

Outcall Service:

Outcall simply means the escort will come to your location.

The provider may come to your hotel if you are in town on business. They may come to your private residence. You should know there are some escorts who are strictly incall. They do not feel safe in an environment they cannot control. So you can run into that sometimes.

There are some escorts that do both. When inviting the girl in, be sure to put anything of value into the hotel safe. Better safe than sorry.

If the girl is coming to your private residence, the same rules apply. You want to put anything of high value away. Keep her in your sight at all times. I am not saying all escorts are bad and need watching like a hawk. But you do want to be cautious, especially if you are using a provider for the first time.

So now you know the difference between incall and outcall service.

They both have advantages and disadvantage.

You just have to decide what is right for you.

I personally offer an incall service. Guys come to my personal residence and if I am out and about I will get a hotel – where I provide my services. I will tell you this: it is important for both parties to feel comfortable.

It will make for an amazing session. So no matter which you choose, incall or outcall, be cautious, and have fun.

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