How to Find the Best Escort Agency in Sydney

Has it been a long day? Need to relieve a bit of tension? Are you on a business trip in a city unfamiliar to you, and seeking a little company of the opposite sex?

Maybe you just want to get a little and don’t feel like making the effort to score at a bar.

A high quality escort agency can fulfil all those needs and then some.

Best Escort Agency Sydney

Want the Best Escort Agency in Sydney?

You can find an array of beautiful women from all walks of life. They are there simply to bring companionship and pleasure to a gentleman.

So how does one go about finding an escort agency? Finding agencies is the easy part. Finding a high quality escort agency could be a challenge.

You can start your search online or pull out the yellow pages. Look for escort agencies. Depending on the location you may have more options than you know what to do with. You will want to narrow it down. But how do you know what’s what? Who is legitimate and reputable?

There are some great agencies out there. But there are some unscrupulous agencies as well. How do you know the difference? Today you can tell almost anything about an agency by two key factors. Their web presence (or website) and customer service

Web Presence of Good Escort Agencies

Any escort agency this day in time has a website. The website is like an introduction. These website will look classy, well done and up to date.

You will get all the information you need such as hours of operation, contact information and what to have handy when you call to book the appointment. A good agency is going to make it as easy as possible to do business. They realise your time is valuable.

Some agencies have a page of etiquette or rules/regulations. It is just what they expect of you. What is and isn’t acceptable to them? Some of the websites state donations, while others don’t. You will find a gallery of women to choose from. Some websites even have an available now button or icon for women working at that time. If the website has these items clearly stated on their website it is more than likely on the up and up.

Do a web search of the agency. See if they have any other online activity such as social media. Find out if they Facebook or Tweet. Look for escort forums and review sites. These sites usually cater to both agencies and independents. See what you can find out. There are always posts within forums. Find the section for agencies and look around. See if anyone has mentioned them. Someone will let you know if they had a bad experience or good experience with that particular agency.

Note: Do not be frightened if you notice the face blurred or blackened on the girl’s photos within the gallery. Some escorts like to maintain the anonymity and privacy. They have that right.

Customer Service and Organisation

Any reputable agency runs like a well-oiled machine. The office runs exactly the same as any other business. A high quality agency has a staff to keep things running smoothly. You should not have to wait for someone to answer the phone. If they are busy they will answer, and politely ask you to please hold.

When speaking with a staff member they will be very upfront and answer all your questions. They will take your billing information, process your credit card and help you find a suitable companion.

Higher end agencies like maintaining relationship with clients. They may call after the date to make inquiries about how it went? What could have been better? They want to know that you were satisfied. A good classy agency has great customer service.

These are the two best ways to know you are dealing with a reputable service.

Lower level agencies do not care. They only want the money.

There have been nightmare stories. You may meet and the girl you thought was 5’10, 120 with blonde hair turns out to be 5’4, 190lb, with unkempt hair. They may try to rip you off, or the girl has a pimp. You never know, these things can escalate quickly and someone gets hurt. It is common knowledge when a guy wants some attention, sometimes he thinks with the wrong head, and wants to just hop on the first thing that comes along.

I implore you in this instance to wait until you know whom you are dealing with.

A high-class service will have the best women and impeccable service. If you want the best experience take what is written here and use it. You will have a wonderful time every time.

You can find some of Sydney’s best escort agencies on these very pages. Check out our Sydney Escorts feature.

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