How to Please a Woman in Bed

So you want to learn how to please a woman in bed? Or maybe you think you already do? I can promise 9 out of 10 of you could do better. With a few sure-fire tips…

Let’s get you headed in the right direction!

How to Please a Woman in Bed?

How to Please a Woman in Bed?

You see, men and women are different – as I am sure you already know. Men have the fabled ‘on and off’ switch. Women, well, we have to level up. Think of it as playing a video game, after each round you’re levelling up. However, should you miss something or do something wrong, she may level back down a couple of times.

Let me give you some prime examples of what I mean when I say leveling up.

You are being spontaneous. You’re going at it on the living room couch. When suddenly, oh shit, there’s a knock at the door. Now you, like most guys, probably think that because you don’t answer it, you can just pick right up. For many women, as soon as we heard that knock on the door, we levelled down. So when the person at the door leaves, we aren’t as hot and heavy as we were in the beginning.

Another situation…

The phone rings. It doesn’t matter if you answer or don’t answer, you’re going to lose levels. We’re the type of creatures you have to build up to get to that last level that makes us hit the trifecta better known as an orgasm. Women are erotic and sensual beings. Whereas men, akin to animals in the wild, if an ass is in the air, they feel obliged to tag it. They see it and BAM they are hard.

It doesn’t work like that for us. I don’t care how hot you are, I can’t instantly look at a man and get wet. Maybe some women are different, but for most? There are levels.

When pleasing your woman in bed, you should follow her facial expressions and body signals. We are giving you a guide down the yellow brick road with our bodies and if you play your cards right, you will meet the great and powerful Oz. All you have to do is pay a little attention.

The body says it all.

When it’s worked up, my body has a mind of its own. You are like a snake charmer and my body is the snake.

And the way to keep a woman going is talk to her. She will let you know when she is leveling up. You will know most times without her even telling you. You will also know when she is leveling down. And yeah, you may mess up but don’t give up.

I remember one guy who kept telling me to cum over and over again. And every time he said it, I levelled down. I was right on the brink until he started with this crap. I finally had to say, in no uncertain times, “Shut the absolute fuck up.”

(No offence)

The real trick is, of course, long periods of foreplay. You keep that going for a while, it will be harder for her to level down. And for the love of God, even if you feel it may be justified, don’t ask if she came. Because you will level her down completely and she will either fake it or laugh in your face and get up and walk out.

If you do not know when a woman has cum, you shouldn’t be allowed to have sex. Sorry!

So as much as I hate say it, and you gamers are going to love this, sex with women is like playing your Xbox or Playstation. You start the game with the goal of levelling up.

And if you do that well? It all ends well, and she won’t forget it.

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