Visit Kings Cross: Sydney’s Famous Red Light District

Sydney is a place of art, culture and history. But like most big cities, Sydney has a darker side.

No, we don’t mean sinister or mean-spirited. But decadent and lustful.

Sydney has a hotspot filled with adult entertainment: the famous Kings Cross. A collection of narrow strips close to the central business district.

Kings Cross Sydney

Kings Cross Sydney

Kings Cross, referred to by locals as simply ‘The Cross’, is the place to visit if you are seeking a little after hours fun. Yes, Kings Cross is where you go to feed your insatiable appetite for flesh, bodies, sex, and pure unadulterated debauchery.

This little tourist enclave springs to life when the rest of the city is closing down. The fun starts after dark.

The Birth of Sydney’s Red Light District

The Cross did not gain notoriety until World War II.

History tells us that the troops from the Garden Naval Base came into the area and turned it in to one of the more ‘entertaining’ areas in Sydney. This entertainment was of the adult variety, and with such entertainment came crime.

Kings Cross is not the safest part of Sydney by any stretch, and I would strongly advise you keep your wits about you if travelling alone. But it’s also not as bad as the fearmongers would have you believe. You can have a great night, whether you are a regular in town or just passing through…

Kings Cross is proud to hold the title of the ‘Red Light District’ of not only Sydney but Australia as a whole. People travel from miles and miles to visit this area. It is home to a multitude of adult entertainment establishments.

You’ve got strip clubs, brothels, adult bookstores, massage parlours, escort agencies, restaurants, nightclubs and much, much more.

Is there something tickling your fancy that you don’t want your wife to know about? You should probably come to Kings Cross. It’s anything goes in this part of town…

Darlinghurst Road is the main stretch of the Cross. And from there you will find back alley type roads such as Bayswater Road, Kellet Street, Roslyn Street and Victoria Street. Here you will find just about any type of adult entertainment the filthiest mind could imagine.

When visiting the Cross, as we always suggest on this website: be safe!

During the day it’s pretty safe to roam, but at night with all the hustle and bustle, there is always something going on. And not all of it is innocent. Pick a destination and make a beeline for it.

Kings Cross has the same elements as the red light district in any other major city. It has the homeless, shady criminals, dealers and druggies. You could say it comes with the territory.

There’s nothing wrong with a little adventure – we recommend it! – just be careful and pay attention to your surroundings.

It doesn’t matter if you want classy and elegant, or trashy and ghetto, the Cross can meet your needs.

Male, female, transgender, ethnic… expect to see it all on this famous stretch of land.

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