Why Use an Escort?

What is it about an escort that draws in the desires of so many men?

What does an escort supply that a man can’t get from his wife or significant other?

Often the answer is something new, something naughty, something dangerous.

Many men find that their wildest fantasies aren’t suitable for airing in front of the women that they’ve chosen to settle down with. Or more likely, the relationship has reached a plateau where those thrills and spills go unanswered.

And so some men, those who can’t contain those urges, may seek out a professional companion.

Enter the escort.

An escort provides her client with an open door policy on honesty. You can tell a provider anything, with no repercussions or fear of judgment. She will lend you her ear and even offer advice if you request it. It doesn’t matter if what you need to vent about is personal, professional or completely irrational, your companion will listen intently.

If she is good at her job, she is a great listener. Period.

There’s also that small matter of sex. Escorts are known to give the best sex of your life.

The traditional escort has much fewer inhibitions than the women you are used to dating. You have complete sexual freedom. Just as long as its in the confines of her boundaries and what she is willing to agree to beforehand. I dare you to go home and ask your significant other to do even half the acts that an escort provides. In fact, I’m almost positive you WILL end up on the couch that night. Unless you’ve put in some major groundwork!

Escorts are there for your pleasure.

Escorts will provide you sex at a moments notice, and if you are lucky to find one open enough, she can take you on sexual thrill rides that will blow your mind. A threeway is out of bounds in most relationships. For an escort? It’s damn near common practice in the community.

And if you sometimes have a little problem with performance, it’s no biggie. Partners may question about your lack of performance, and it can blow in to a matter of feelings with no end of emotional strings attached. “What’s going on?“, she asks. Every day!

Escorts aren’t here to judge you. Escorts allow you to just be you without any expectations.

So, if you want to know what escorts do that sets us apart from your partner or wife, you’ve got it. We are there for your needs and your needs alone. We don’t judge. We don’t ask questions. We simply make sure you get what you need.

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